Custom Tiny Homes Builders in Georgetown, TX

Sometimes less is more...

Tiny Home

With the rising cost of homes in this economy, it’s becoming harder and harder to find affordable housing.

Capitol Renovations can help with that. We build custom tiny homes up to six hundred square feet and move them to your property.

These are not a portable building that you build out yourself. These are finished out complete mini homes with electric, plumbing and A/C installed. All you have to do is plug and play.

We can build a shell for those who are the DIY type and wish to save some cash. All buildings are moved to your property, blocked, and leveled up to a two-foot max height of unlevel property.

These tiny homes are perfect for people who wish to downsize, get an affordable house or just a cabin retreat for hunting or relaxation.

Give Capitol Renovations a call to talk about your new Tiny Home!